Our last day in Scotland–farewell, but not forever


We left our “castle” early, because we had a lot to see in very little time.

p1070638  p1070635

Our plan was to get as close to Edinburgh Castle as we could, then drop the car in a NCP (National Car Park). Ditzo the Wonder GPS could only get us to the castle, so we had to find our own way to the parking structure. Good thing we had a paper map.

The parking charges were horrific, by the way. Some £5 per hour, or something close to that. Yikes!

We got up to the Royal Mile, which goes from the Castle down to Holyrood Palace (the latter was not on our list of places to visit), and explored the Castle first. Last time I was here, we didn’t go inside—so I was really eager to see it.


That took a good number of hours—well, we were taking pictures every two feet or so.

p1070677 p1070653 p1070656 p1070659 p1070667 p1070669 p1070678 p1070755 p1070707 p1070708 p1070736 p1070741 p1070745 p1070746 img_20161010_1201127_rewind p1070748

Lots of history, lots of great info—of course, without book/website info, I won’t remember any of it.


Once we got all the tourist value out of the Castle, we walked about halfway down the Royal Mile,

p1070763 p1070786 p1070644p1070788 p1070774 p1070773 p1070775 p1070772 p1070771 p1070767 p1070762

where we signed up for an Underground History tour. I would have preferred the Haunted Underground Tour, but no matter. We ended up in the same place. Just a different slant.

p1070794 p1070793 img_20161010_1435176_rewind p1070797

Enjoyed the tour immensely—no sign of Mr. Boots or any of the other paranormal denizens of the area. Probably for the best. Although…I did see a shadow flit across a space lit up by candlelight—and it didn’t seem to belong to anyone. But I could be wrong…

Then a somewhat long walk to the Hard Rock Café,

p1070802 p1070803 p1070804 p1070800  HA!p1070805

where I got another shirt. I think I have eleven now. What a great way to make a collection – world travel. Next year I hope to pick up one in Rome.

After that, we battled rush-hour traffic to Glasgow, dropped the car off at the rental place (yay!), and checked into the same hotel we started with. A quick dinner, a last shopping trip to buy stuff for the folks back home, and now we’re awaiting bedtime. We leave tomorrow afternoon.

I loved this trip, but I’ll be glad to get home again.

A few parting thoughts:

  • Roundabouts with signal lights—so that whole idea isn’t working out so great. I prefer cloverleafs and signal lights at intersections.
  • Driving on the opposite side of the road is kind of like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. It’s something you can get used to, but it just doesn’t feel right…ever.
  • Paper towel in bathrooms—they don’t exist. It’s the dryers or your pant legs. I used the latter. My skin is dry enough as it is.
  • The Scots are some of the nicest people in the world, hands-down. And not just in the hospitality/retail/tourist trades either. Just nice everywhere. If it wasn’t for the driving thing, I would be 100% comfortable here.

Next year–Italy! Or Brazil…undecided right now.

I hope you enjoyed my travel blog–I would love to hear from you.

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