A two-fer!

You get the afternoon of 10/21 and 10/22 in its entirety!! And I’m not even charging you extra! You lucky people.


Wow–hard to believe we’re in the last days of this trip.

My handwriting is going to be even more of a challenge to decipher than usual–this morning’s sea is choppy, with much spray from the bow as the ship hits the waves head-on. Where I’m sitting, outside on Deck 11, there is a definite jerk to the pattern of the ship’s traverse. I am currently on the port side; earlier I was in the library reading. Not so much of the feel of the waves there, but the quiet was often interrupted by loud thumps above our heads–as if the crew was dropping bowling balls at random times.

Would they actually do that? I probably would–which indicates that I would not have a long career in the cruising profession.

Last night, after my final entry into this travelogue, I took to the promenade deck and circled eight times, giving me 2.8 more miles of exercise for the day. Just as I finished my last two laps, the ship pulled out from the dock, and I was able to join Paul on the top deck. Good-bye Piraeus!





We then had dinner. I indulged in one last dessert–or at least I thought it would be my last. It was a chocolate crepe, and it tasted like crepe paper. It’s extremely rare on a cruise ship for something like this to happen–it just was no good at all. So–one more dessert after this one, and that will be it unless I really jack up the exercise.

Paul wasn’t feeling all that well, and sleep had been rough the night before, so we went on back to the room for the night.

For the record–those shows and things they have on board are not interesting to me. I’m only too happy to get away from people and noise after a long day of crowds and sightseeing.

Oh–speaking of which–as I sit here, there is a live music thing starting up nearby. Sigh…I was hoping to find a quiet spot outside for awhile. Well, I’ll just deal with it.

Today is a Day At Sea, which means an ascetic’s diet for me. Plus, as mentioned, much exercise. No elevator–stairs only!

After breakfast, Paul decided to stay in our room in order to rest and try to get over this cold virus. I gathered my book and writing stuff–and that is how I’ve spent my morning.

Now I think I will see if I can get some of my manuscript written.


Lunch, a few stair climbs, and back to writing. I  have written just over 48 pages on this trip, and somewhere around 8,640 words. I’m seeing the conclusion of this book in my sights–hooray!

It’s too wet to go outside. I made that mistake earlier. Miserable out there, but it’s supposed to be much better tomorrow. From our window we can see the flumes of water as the bow slices through the waves. Yep–looks pretty active out there on that sea.

We will arrive in Venice in the early afternoon–I’d better make sure those camera batteries are charged.

Okay, what next? Oh yes–dinner.

Done and done.

We did something different tonight–we actually went to another show! Paul was feeling up to doing something besides lying in bed recuperating (which he has done quite nicely).

At 7:30pm, we went to the Stardust Theater, which was already filled almost to capacity. We found a couple of seats in the nosebleed section right before the show began.

The show was called “Elements”–and what a show it was! Choreography blended in with magic acts, and some really spectacular aerial ballet. The costumes were dazzling and the special effects breath-taking (except for when those bright lights flashed directly into my eyes–didn’t care for that part).

No pictures again–copyright stuff. Here’s a random picture from the internet:


Yeah, it was something like that–only better.

The sea was choppy when the show was over–it was amusing to see everyone stumbling in the same direction at the same time. Choreographed lurching–we gots it!

The evening was still early when we got back to our cabin, but I got ready for bed anyway. We weren’t going back out, so why not?

I started reading yet another book–I have four reviews to write when I get home.

Tomorrow: Day 1 in Venice


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