Day Two: A morning in Barcelona and the beginning of the cruise


We had breakfast in the hotel, then walked around outside a bit. These pictures make it look like it had rained–but no, I think they wash off the pavement in the early morning hours. It was nice to stroll along without big crowds getting in the way.

P1050288 P1050322 P1050325

The monument to Christopher Columbus at the port was incredible.

P1050298 P1050300 P1050307

–we took lots of shots of that, then walked along the marina for a bit.

P1050305 P1050309 P1050310

“Boulevard of the Sea”

P1050303 P1050313 P1050314 P1050317

Since we had a ship to catch, we soon headed back to the hotel and checked out. Once noon hit, we caught a taxi to the marine terminal.

We are now on the ship as I write, and happily enough, so is our luggage. We’ve put all our stuff away, and now we await the lifeboat drill.


Scenes aboard the ship:

Our room:


P1050950 P1060273


P1050331 P1050332 P1050334 P1050338 P1050346

To me, this sign says, “Hey, look at me! I’m jumping on bacon!!”


I just had my first beer in over a month, and it was very disappointing. And at $8.00 for a regular-sized bottle of Sam Adams, I’m not about to have any more on board.

Tomorrow will exercise my French knowledge, as we will be in Toulon. I hope to see if their absinthe is different from what I get in Oregon. If I do find some, I won’t have much–it tends to give me a headache.

More onboard scenes–

P1050341 P1050343


The center of the ship–those windows were fake–but wouldn’t that have been cool to have a view like this?


I went up and down these stairs a lot. Six flights, 96 steps. Got so I wasn’t too winded.

Stardust Theater, where we gathered to go on our tours. Oh yeah–had some great shows too.


That pretty much closes out this day. Not a whole lot of action–but that will change. Tomorrow: Toulon, France.

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