Review of “The Unseen Promise (Tarkeenia Series Book 1)”, by Ellen Mae Franklin

unseen promise

“It had begun as a plaything to pass the time, an amusement for the petulant. A world created, a game of turbulence and beauty, untameable, most certainly volatile. A world made of wild magic, its lock and key the Patu Bata. Two halves of one whole sailed magestically around Tarkeenia’s bulk, chasing each other, as they cast rose and blue shadows across the fabric of the Known World. But this night was to be different.”

This world, this Tarkeenia, built and created by a family of gods and goddesses, populated by humans, elves, and assorted other creatures, was supposed to be a happy distraction, something for the gods to watch–much like a hamster in a cage. But what happens when there is discord in the family, and one or two of the members aren’t allowed into the plans? In other words–what if those outcast gods threw in their own deceptive magic, and said “hamster” grew into something that was unexpected?

And no one could do anything about it?


Ms. Franklin’s work is one of epic proportions. She has created a marvelous world, multi-layered and intricate in its design. Gods and humans, elves and dwarves–these are just some of the characters that populate Tarkeenia. To add to these, she has created two other races–the civilization of the Murrdocks, half-animal and half-human, and the underground, horrid Specks–eaters of flesh and the bane of all of the other races.

The descriptions and the very different personalities of the characters make this an exciting story to read. I highly recommend it. I also suggest getting “Heart of Secrets” as well, since it is the second book in the series, and I know you’ll want to continue reading this tale to its end.


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