Review of “Misaligned: The Celtic Connection”, by Armen Pogharian


Trouble is in the air–or, rather, in the higher dimensions. Can you feel it?

You can if you’re one of the Misaligned.

No, it’s not a Picasso painting. A “Misaligned” is someone who, by nature of their birth, is sensitive to the movements and realities of higher planes and other universes. Not only can they sense these other levels, but they can manipulate them.

Like magicians.

And the ancient Druids.


She is unaware of this talent until she is called in for a meeting with Mr. Myrdin, her science teacher, after one of the oddest food fights in her school’s history. Before this, it was just her nightmares that were giving her trouble.

Now, with her newfound talent, she has the responsibility to right a wrong engendered by someone with a connection to one of the more evil entities in the higher realities. This is a lot for a young girl to take on, but fortunately she has a lot of help–some of which comes from very unexpected places.


This was a great story, one of the better YA books I have read. The action is crisp, the dialogue wonderful, and I can’t praise the author’s imagination enough. It took a lot of research, both in the modern world and in the ancient Druidic land that is now Wales, to come up with such a fantastic read. The characters are very engaging, with a really nasty villain and some really heroic heroes.

And once you’ve read this book, you will find yourself talking to crows and ravens, hoping that, one day, one of them will talk back.

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