Book Blitz for a Great Guidebook



Hi all–we are back with a very important book. It is called ” The Guilt-Free Guidebook for Moms”, written by Amy Price. And just in time for Mother’s Day–very good timing.

I’ll just take a seat in the back now and let the blitzers run the show:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ready to learn how to  “Eliminate guilt and perfectionism, Identify the “Superwoman Burnout” cycle that keeps you trapped in monotony, Escape the “Compare Snare” to shine in your own light, and Finally and fully embrace the Joy cradled in your arms and in your heart.”?

Then let’s get to know this book!!!



Written by a veteran mother of nine still up to her eyeballs in mud pies and mayhem, The Guilt-Free Guidebook for Moms is sure to keep you tickled, tearing up, and turning pages as you learn how to break free of the chokehold of an endless To-Do list, so you can finally enjoy the beauty that is all around you.


I think anyone who has ever had to run a household could relate to that “To-Do List” trap. Let’s meet the author now:



Amy Price

Amy Price loves to create, write, and dream in and around managing the chaos generated by her amazing husband, their nine children and their lively homeschooling lifestyle. Amy considers herself a “recovering addict” where babies are concerned. She just can’t get enough. Her hobbies include preserving memories, quantum physics, designing wild and delicious cakes, and death by pasta. Her kids and their friends consider her everything from hilarious to crazy, and she just gets better with age.

From only child to “CEO” of a bustling household, one constant in Amy’s life has been her love of writing. Team that with her natural draw to children, and studying at the Institute for Children’s Literature became a given. Amy and her family currently terrorize the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, but she looks forward to sharing her message of Joy around the world.

With a wealth of ideas from self-helps to coaching programs, mysteries to fantasy novels, you never know what Amy will come out with next, but it is sure to revolve around her continuous message of love, family and joy.


“Terrorize the Rocky Mountains”–hee hee, that’s great!

Now my special deal on this blog tour is that I get to drop you a snippet from the book. I love doing that–I can then check it out at the same time you do.



“You are truly beautiful, inside and out. You are stronger and of more value than you can ever imagine! You are among the elite –– saved for this time, because of who you are, what you can do and what you do do and are willing to stand for––in your home, in your community and in your life. You are undeniably amazing.  Don’t ever, ever doubt it. You chose to be a mother because you have too much love within you to keep it inside. You can do. You can enjoy. You can be. You are amazing. Don’t ever forget it.”


Now THAT is lovely. I’m sure I could read that sort of thing all day and never tire of it.

Looks like, as a bonus, we also have a~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Yes indeedy, we sure do:

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Now, as mentioned, this is not the only stop for this book on the blog tour/blitz. Sure hope you got some inspiration from this lovely book. I’ll be seeing you around the interwebs.


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