Charming Children’s Books by Meaghan Fisher

What a lovely offering of children’s books today! I’m so glad I got to read them. There’s a good chance that I will pick up a few of these myself, in order to give them to my great-nephews. I know they would enjoy them immensely.

First up is “Sadie the Skunk”, with gorgeous illustrations by Marla Fair:

mfisher1Sadie loves her family of cats, but she feels and looks so different from them. Her parents reveal the truth–that she was brought into the family when she was found wandering alone. She sets off on a journey to find her family, with the help of Mr. Groundhog. But just what family does she belong to?

I love stories that give descriptions of various animals, and this is one of those stories. As Sadie moves from one animal group to another, the young reader learns the difference between them. And little ones will love the ending, I’m sure. The illustrations are absolutely darling, and I’m sure little ones will love the color and vibrancy on each page.

Number Two on our list is “Lars the Monkey Flies a WACO Airplane”, also illustrated by Marla Fair

mfisher 2

Lars loves the airplane field at the WACO airfield. He is now learning to fly the historic planes himself. Up, down, loops–he has mastered all the moves, and he is ready to fly on his own.

Just in time too–there is a problem, and Lars steps in to do the right thing and save the day.

This was a sweet little book, and once again Ms. Fair’s illustrations are a crowning glory. Monkeys are always a favorite among little ones, and Lars is a real sweetie. I liked the background of a real-time air field (, which puts the story in the here-and-now. This story might even end up influencing little ones to take up flying themselves.

Number Three is “I Love Ladybugs!”, illustrated by Middy Mathieu


Ladybugs everywhere! Their little round bodies and their white-dotted faces are so fun to see in the spring and summer. The little girl in this book sees them everywhere, inside and out. Who couldn’t love such a cute, harmless, beneficial insect!

Again, Ms. Fisher has found a wonderful artist, and I loved every page. The ladybugs look like little hearts, and the broad grin on the little girl is a heartwarming affirmation of how wonderful ladybugs are. A short, but very darling book, well-written by our Meaghan Fisher. Good job!


Our fourth book today is “If I Could Pull the Moon From the Sky”, with artwork by Sandra Burns


A little boy imagines all the things he would like to do if he could have the moon as a friend–one that could spend time with him. So many adventures they could have, and so many places they could go! His biggest and best wish though? Well, that would be telling…

This was probably my favorite of the five I am reviewing today. The pictures are both charming and silly, with the sort of imagination a small boy would have. The ending is the most heart-warming of them all. I highly recommend this one.

Last, but not least, is “Owlie Learns to Fly”, with art by Tim Rowe

mfisher5Owlie is one of six owlets in a very close family, and today is the day the little ones learn to fly. Everyone is eager and excited–except Owlie. Even with encouragement and seeing his siblings fly off, he is fearful about leaving his safe home and stepping out into the night air. What will it take for him to swallow his fear and take that step?

I liked this one, mainly for the encouragement and support the little owl gets from his mother. It shows the love of family, which I hope would be prevalent in the family of the little reader or story-listener who is fortunate enough to have this book. Mr. Rowe’s artwork is really cute–those little birds are darling! A good read for all little ones.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour! I am sure that Ms. Fisher has plenty more stories to come. Keep an eye out for her next tales–your kids/grandkids/nephews/nieces will appreciate it.



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