Review of “Lucky Midas”, by Kate Palmer

Lucky Midas

The dirty, starving Yellow Lab was anything but lucky when seven-year-old Lily and nine-year-old Scott found him.

Against all odds, the two children come up with a plan. However, nothing ever works exactly according to their wishes. It is fortunate that Lily and Scott have a respectable sense of obligation, because it is their maturity and sense of responsibility that eventually brings this tale to a heart-warming end.


This was such a sweet book. I was really impressed by how Lily and Scott do their best to make their new canine friend comfortable and safe, and also how they rise to the occasion when things don’t go the way they expected. It’s a lovely ending, where everyone gets a wonderful gift that no one had expected.

The narration was so much fun–the way that the kids and the dog constantly get into trouble, mainly because of the dog’s exuberance. It reads like an episode from the old “Our Gang” exploits (look them up–most of them are great fun), except that the kids in this story take responsibility for what happens–a refreshing attitude.

This is a great book for young readers, or those who like to read to them. A wonderful example for kids today.


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