Review of “The Town Beneath the Christmas Tree”, by J.R. Wirth


An argument under the Christmas tree leads to an accidental massive head-bop for six young children. Where they end up and how they get back is the stuff of legend. Or at least of a really good Christmas story.

Nine-year-old Hailey suddenly finds herself in a strange, snow-covered land. She is soon joined by her cousins Isaiah and Bubba. Together they go in search of the rest of the group, for they are certain that the rest of them wound up in the same place.

Sure enough, they find five-year Arhiana in the lower branches of a huge tree that is ablaze with many-colored lights. Moving further on, they rescue three-year-old Hayden from the conductor cabin of a train that is running circles around a pleasant-looking little town.

Things get even stranger when they cross the bridge into the town and find it filled with people dressed in 19th-century garb. When they find two-year-old Harper, what happens next shocks the two oldest of the group beyond their wildest dreams.

~~~~~*** ( ( ( *** ) ) ) ***~~~~~*** ( ( ( *** ) ) ) ***~~~~~*** ( ( ( *** ) ) ) ***~~~~~

This was a sweet story, with very likeable characters. And as good stories should, it had a lesson to convey. “From the mouths of babes” – that phrase has great significance here. The reader is easily drawn into the predicament surrounding the band of unwilling adventurers, and will love the ending. I have read this story a couple of times, and still get chills at the end.

Definitely worth the short time it takes to read this tale, at any time of the year.

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