Review of “The Street Where the Dollar Tree Grew”, by Mary Ann Vitale



“Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.”

Throughout generations, kids have heard this from their parents.

But…what if??

There is a house on Dollar Street that has an incredible garden. The trees not only bear rainbow-colored fruit and coins, it also has one that grows dollar bills for leaves. The little old lady who lives in the house gathers what she can, but doesn’t know what to do with most of it.

Lincoln, a young boy, has some good ideas on how to spend it. But his goals do not match up with the way the money is intended to be used, and he learns a real lesson about generosity and consideration.

With beautiful artwork by Milena Radeva, this short story is a very good lesson for all kids, told with gentleness and simplicity. I would recommend it for a read to young ones and for pre-teens to read by themselves.


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