Review of “Ghosts, Gunman, and the Grinning Cat”, by Malynda McCarrick


There are some places in the world where it is dangerous to point a camera. During a bank heist, in a casino crowded with shady characters, or in a meeting with the Secret Service—these circumstances come to mind immediately.

However, a quiet forest with no one about should have been quite safe. Unfortunately for Danielle, she was clicking in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now strange things are happening in and around her bed-and-breakfast, and she quickly comes to the conclusion that she is in danger.

But who is behind the attempts on her life? She has a hotel full of guests for the holidays—could one of them be the culprit? There are so many possibilities.

There are plenty of people who are willing to help her find out, the living as well as, er, “living-challenged”—her brother Ben, the local sheriff; Eli, the police-officer-turned-writer; Tiny, the loving but very large bull mastiff; her best friend Roxie; and the ghostly denizens of the hotel. Being hard-headed, Danielle is not thrilled with all of these people coming to her rescue.

Especially Eli. He is too interested, too hunky, too—able to take her breath away by a mere look.

And a man is the last thing she wants in her life. Now she has far too many—one who loves her to distraction, one who is far too overprotective, and one who wants her dead at any cost.


This was a terrific book. For fans of both whodunits and romances, you can’t go wrong picking up this one. The backgrounds on all the characters are well-developed, and really draw the reader into the story. And once this is done, the narrative rolls right along, keeping the reader in the story until the very end.

This tale has elements of the paranormal, romance, murder, psychological drama, and a ghost cat that farts.

What’s not to love?


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