Review of “Stories From the Life of Jesus, By His Mother”, by Christopher Antony Meade

(Okay, the book title states that Mr. Meade merely edited it…)

“Silent Night, Holy Night”

Yes, when we think of the birth of Jesus, we generally think of this:


I imagine, however, were we to look into Mary’s diary, it would be a lot more like this:

“I am just exhausted. Coping with a new baby is a stress at the best of times, but you try doing in in a cave with cows and a donkey breathing down your neck.”


“I sent one of the shepherds up the hill to politely thank the angelic host for their serenade, but, ‘Would they mind finishing now, as I had a baby that needed some sleep’.”

We get the mother’s-eye view, from birth to death to resurrection, of one of the most influential people who ever lived.  In human form and likeness, Jesus supposedly lived among some very interesting people, according to the author. A grandmother who kept company with questionable people, a cousin (John) who couldn’t hold his wine, and various other true-as-life-or better characters make their way into Mary’s diary.

True or not, these memories are in turn hilarious, tragic, and touching. And never once is there anything disrespectful written in these pages. This is what truly made me love this book.

I suspect that somewhere above, the heavenly hosts are laughing their haloes off from reading Mr. Meade’s wonderful book.



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