Review of “Cast-off Cocker Spaniels”, by Becky Corwin-Adams

cocker spaniels

The cover pulls the reader right in, doesn’t it? Who could not feel pity for the little pup roaming the rails?

Now, Ms. Corwin-Adams did not pick up stray cocker spaniels off the train tracks. But there were some that seemed that way. From childhood, and her first cocker spaniel, Ginger, she has had a love affair with this breed, and it shows in this book.

From 1994 until the present day, she has had a continuous parade of cockers dwelling in her home. And like a proud mother displaying pictures of her kids, Ms. Corwin-Adams tells lovingly of each one of them–how they came into her life, the crazy and terrible and loving things they experienced together, and the final moments of many of the little dogs.

Currently, she is living with seven of the breed, and her husband is not only happily cooperative, he is also guilty of bringing home new dogs (usually from rescue groups) that soon wriggle their way into her heart.

She has had a long and wonderful relationship with Columbus Cocker Rescue in Ohio, from where she received most of her dogs. She dedicates the book to this group.

More power to her, to her tender, dog-loving heart, and to all of those who spend time and money to bettering the lives of castoff dogs everywhere.

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