Review of “The Protector and the Peacemaker”, by Adam Bolander


They had no choice. It was run, or be slaughtered.

The Slayers were in Jellaska Kob Lertan, laying waste to all they came across. Porter, Sarah, and the rest of the band scattered to the four winds, hoping to be able to meet up again somewhere away from the carnage.

Tick is unfortunate enough to be caught by slave traders, and meets a young chimera by the name of Domino. The rest of the group has found each other and, accompanied by a strange chimera by the name of Gwinn, fights its way to the rescue of both youngsters.

From there, they encounter one perilous adventure after another, as they work out how exactly they will be able to save the world from imminent war between the Mythics and the Slayers. For the Mythics are headed by a half-mad gryphon, and the leader of the Slayers is much more than he seems. Both are faced off against each other, with humanity in the middle.

Much is learned, much is lost, and then found again. Hopes raised, then dashed. And just when the heroes believe they have all the answers they need, a new, terrible truth is learned–one that will make them question everything they have been through.


This, the last in the series entitled “The Slayer and the Sphinx”, is a sweeping, incredible end to a fantastic story. So much goes on in this book that it is just about impossible to describe it all.

There is so much here–love and betrayal, trust and disappointment, faith and fear. Through it all, the characters remain true to their comrades (for the most part), sacrificing their all to save each other–physically, mentally, psychologically. A very satisfying end to a well-told tale. I think Tolkien would have loved it.

Mr. Bolander left a few threads that just might turn into another series. We shall have to wait and see.

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