Review of “Loup-Garou: The Beast of Harmony Falls”, by David Reuben

loup garou2

“No! Don’t go up there! You’ve seen what happened—you know better! No, don’t…!

“…you went up there….WHY??? Oh no! Look out!”

Do you know how hard it is to cover your eyes and still read? But I found myself doing just that while possessed by this book. This was a grade-A horror movie in words.

The second book, but the first in the “Ian McDermott, Ph.D.” series, finds our hero starting out on his new career as a hunter of things of a nightmarish nature. Summoned by Harmony Falls’ authorities (through a website search, no less), Ian has to crawl out of the bottle in order to face a horror that has reared its ugly reality in the small town.

An immense creature, called “Bigfoot” by a survivor, has been seen and experienced in the wilds around Little Merwin, into which Harmony Falls feeds. The old-timers call it “Loup-Garou”—man-wolf. Two hikers are missing, and soon enough into the investigation, someone else is attacked, leaving everyone stunned.

But more than stunned. It is this impetus that stirs them into true action, despite the intrusion of the news media—which learns the awful truth, but can’t do a thing about it (you’ll find out why).

One thing is for certain—secrets of the night are no longer secret, and lives will be changed forever.


Mr. Reuben has written a fangtastic (no, that’s not a typo) story here. It has all the elements of horror and suspense that every book needs—missing bodies, lovers looking for excitement in the perilous dark, shadows lurking just beyond our sight, the building suspense that leaves the readers gasping—yep, it has all that.

He has built up a very believable character in Ian McDermott, who any reader can sympathize with. Maybe the losses he endured and the pain he lives with are not on everyone’s daily agenda, but surely his reactions can be believed and understood. The way he works through his own problems to solve the ones plaguing the town is admirable.

The sense of humor throughout (“Chief Bleeds-a-Lot”—ha!) really helps to dispel the horror, so that the reader can get ready for the next dose.

And they do come at regular intervals, believe me…

I’m still waiting to see where the dog fits into all of this…

There is a third book coming out in this series. I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for it. (I get the feeling, from the title, that that is not all that might get peeled—yikes!)

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