Review of “Zombie War: Little Apocalypse on the Prairie”, by Jean Booth

Jean Booth LAOTP

Judging from the title, one would surmise that this book is a comedic look at the subject of zombies and apocalypses.

One would be very wrong…

In this, the second book of the Zombie War series, the little group of four survivors has grown into a much larger band. With their combined intelligence and know-how, they’ve set themselves up in a very secure refuge in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

It would take quite an intelligent, organized attack to get through all of the barriers that have been set up around their settlement’s perimeter. And, since fresh humans are no longer in large supply, it is believed that the zombies are getting, well, stupid. Their intellect resources have been pretty much dried up.

This makes the humans feel pretty comfortable inside their enclosure, although it’s a little strange seeing kids playing outside with guns strapped to their hips–the real weapons, not play ones. Outside the fence, though, it’s anyone’s guess, especially when provisions are needed.

And they are needed, badly. A trip to the home improvement store and grocery is not what it used to be–especially when an attack can come from anywhere, including from inside floor-model appliances.

And the danger is expanded exponentially when a scouting party learns that the zombies aren’t quite as stupid and slow as were originally thought…


I’m pretty sure I will never go into a warehouse-type store again without looking over my shoulder a lot. Especially if I am one of only a very few people in its aisles.

Ms. Booth has done another great job of creating a world where survival teeters on the edge from every angle. Her characters are so perfect for their roles, and the twist at the end was one I did not see coming. Perhaps it’s because I went along with the belief that the zombies were, um, zombified. The slow-moving, moaning, glaze-eyed, decaying sort that are typical of undead brain-eaters have no part in this book.

The author has published a third book in this series, called “Zombified!” I think I need to get it as soon as possible…

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