Review of “Julie and her Seven Calves”, by Mary Ann Vitale

mary ann vitale

Julie is such a lucky momma cow. All of her calves have a talent that makes each one stand out.

One is fast, another smart. Still another is cute, while another is sweet. They all have attributes that make them dear to their mother.

However, they all have one flaw in common: when it comes to responsibility, they all pass the buck. When Julie gets sick with a cold and can’t provide for her family, she asks her youngsters to help shoulder the load.

One by one, they give their excuses and put the responsibility onto the shoulders of the next calf.

What is a mother to do? Julie knows, and she does it. However, will it work?


This is such a special little book, and one that teaches a good lesson: accept your responsibilities and don’t expect someone else to do your work for you. There are consequences that you might find less desirable than the ease of leaving the job to someone else.

The pictures are bright and cute, and would definitely catch the eye of the pre-reader audience. Fun pictures always make an important lesson sink in better.

The author has several other books published, with one coming up soon.  I’m sure that they are all as fun as this one!


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