Review of “Beyond the Realm of Night”, by Jane Dougherty

Jane Dougherty Book3

The armies have amassed. The heroes of memory have joined the battle against Abaddon and his demons, both fighting for possession of Providence. It would seem obvious which way the citizens would sway, once the gates were opened. After all, they’d seen the menace, witnessed the evil.

But the leader of their salvation is…a mere girl? A female?

The lessons of the “Wise God” run deep and strong, and the idea of a simple “swoop-and-save” becomes irrelevant in the face of obstinacy.

This is not, however, the biggest obstacle Deborah faces. The hardest lessons to learn, and the biggest evils to conquer, originate within herself.

Jealousy, bitterness, fear of failure–these must be conquered before Deborah can lead her army to victory.

Abaddon knows this–and exploits it as much as he can…


I have been waiting to get  my hands on this book ever since reading “The Subtle Fiend”, the second story in the “Green Woman” series. Throughout the first and second books, and ancillary short stories profiling the lives and fates of individuals in Providence, the author has drawn her readers into a fantastic story, one that clashes the drear bland existence of a tyrannical government with a colorful, exciting world that is mere myth to those who plod along in the greyness of survival.

I liken this last offering to being cast adrift on a sea of evil. Together with those populating the adventures Ms. Dougherty has given us, we ride the waves of victory and wallow in the troughs of despair. On and on through the night, we catch glimpses of the shining goal that is the Garden; the Earth returned to its virgin green innocence.

But the journey is hard and frustrating; we see the shore, and then it is taken from us.

Eventually, our boat touches that land, and we escape to terra firma, joyful in the knowledge of the safety of that brave new land.

However—a word of warning to those who dare to venture too close to those dark waters again: the tide is quick and treacherous…










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