Review of “Roly-Poly Monster Goes to the Zoo”, by Charity Tober


Three-eyed pandas!

Feeding the pink…whatever-it-is…at the petting zoo!

Monster meatball subs, and ice cream for dessert!

Then a zoo-train ride, and a new friend from the gift shop.

Roly-Poly Monster has had the best day of his life. And it was thanks to his parents, who’d planned this outing just for him.


If I had little ones, this would be the perfect book for them. The words are easy to understand, and would also be a terrific story for those who are just learning to read. I loved the family ambience, and the love that was evident among the main characters.

What really sets this book apart, however, are the illustrations. The artist, Andrew Tober, did a wonderful job of creating this monster world. The animals and monsters are friendly, beautifully rendered, and their colors are uncomplicated and cheerful. I loved the “movement maps”, meaning the dotted lines that showed Roly-Poly’s trail from one place to another. It really is like following a small child through the zoo. There is a map of the zoo train’s trail through the exhibits too; it would be fun to help a child follow this track to the different areas and animals.

This is the second Roly-Poly book Ms. Tober has published, and I hope she has many more to follow. Great writing!

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