Review of “Whispering Willows”, by Lauren Boehm Lynch

Whispering Willows

My grandma made cookies and bread pudding.

I’m betting Alivia wished her grandma was that type of old gal. At least at first.

Nana Willow pretty much fit that mold for most of Alivia’s life. Hot tea on the porch, an engrossing book about a faraway kingdom, Whispering Willows, at night. True, there were bad feelings about her long-lost grandpa that surfaced often, but Alivia remembered him with love.

How she would have any memories of him at all is a mystery, since he disappeared before she could have possibly known him.

But, at the age of almost-18, she learns what happened to him, and the revelation changes her world completely. That world of Whispering Willows is only a portal away–and it needs her badly. Will she accept the responsibility, or just spend the rest of her life trying to forget everything she learned that summer at Nana’s?


What a marvelous story! Portals and magic kingdoms and battles for dominance reign in this book, along with a young girl’s coming-of-age and the taking on of a responsibility she never dreamed would be asked of her. This is a good book for YA and tweens–clean and  sweet, but chock-full of adventure. The story rolls along nicely, and the characters are very engaging. A totally enjoyable book!

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