Well, pook.



I must admit to a feeling of giddiness when I think of the events of the day. Strange to say that, but there is a part of me, the irresponsible part, that says “Yay!” Perhaps it just hasn’t sunk in yet.

A lot can happen in the space of a few minutes. This morning, I went to the break room, a distance of 120 steps (I know this because I compared the distance to the other break room awhile back), and when I came back, boxes were flying. One moment I’m leaving my cube city, where everyone is contentedly typing away at their terminals, and 240 steps later (round-trip), I come back to find everyone is cramming things into boxes and crying on each others’ shoulders.

And the funny thing is, no one said anything to me. I just calmly sat down and made my coffee, and prepared to go back to the doldrum-inducing activity that is data validation. But the frenetic activity and murmuring voices got to be too much–I finally wandered over to my lead’s cube to see what was going on.

There I got the news–everyone was out the door. “Down-sized”, I’m told. “Corporate decision”. All the usual noise.

Not unusual. But this time it hit people who had spent 20+ years in the company, not just the temps. I really feel for the folks in that situation–the other temp and I are employed by another agency, and know that they are looking for work for us. But these others–they are sole contributors to their household finances.

I shall keep my acerbic comments about the Powers That Be of this particular company to myself–no one should have their eyeballs blistered from reading my posts. I just wonder who else got the ax. There aren’t many people left in these buildings, and not too long ago, they teemed with employees. I have to wonder how long the campus will remain open.

So–for me, it’s back to unemployment checks and spending a lot of time applying for jobs. I would love to be free of the daily grind, but it isn’t about to happen any time soon. Too many debts to take care of, and they just keep coming. Same as any household.

So, I really don’t know where this blog post is taking me, or why. I just had to put it down for whatever reason. And now I will go watch TV the rest of the night, and indulge myself in a couple of brandy-and-Cokes. Reality will come soon enough.

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