Review of “Fear the Light: Who Killed Dracula?”, by William Massa

fear the light

The unthinkable has happened–the King of the Undead, Dracula, has been exterminated.

Not by the usual means–he’d been looking out for those for centuries, and had always been able to sidestep them. No, his killer was extremely ingenious in the method used to vanquish the oldest vampire in existence.

His offspring gather at his chateau in France to make some important decisions. But as they settle in, the killer strikes again.

Or does he?

The killer definitely has an agenda–and so does each of his children of the night. Whether they were brought into the world of the undead eagerly–such as Faust, the Nazi who chose eternal dark life over being slayed by the enemy; or quite unwillingly, such as Justin, the priest whose vows were snatched from him in one swift movement of Dracula’s fangs. Any one of them could have a reason for killing the rest off, and even when they are murdered, there is some doubt that they were actually destroyed. Could any one of them have come back to kill the rest?

One by one, the vampires are picked off, and they are unable to escape. All ways are closed to them, because the killer knows them all. And it is full day, another factor that is used to its fullest against those trapped inside the chateau.

Who is responsible? And why? No one, including the reader, will know until the bitter end.


Fantastic story! Another great offering from William Massa, this tale is very reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. The major difference is that the methods of murder have to be such as to wipe out the denizens of the dark. And quite ingenious they are, too.

Mr. Massa throws in surprising twists and turns, and just when the reader is sure who is behind the killings, something else crops up to send that guess straight down the drain.

This was a book I was loathe to put down, because it was so tightly written that I didn’t want to lose the momentum. This is writing at its best, right down to the last written word.

Highly recommended!

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