Review of “Lupa”, by Jane Dougherty


In a world made desolate by ancient beings, in a city that survives solely on the whims of its masters,  the populace slogs through its existence. Fearful of making the tiniest wrong move, under threat of a midnight visit and extinction, no one shows the least bit of interest in anyone else–even in those with whom they share a roof.

Lupa is one of the rarest of humans under that crystal dome that keeps the visible demons away.

She cares.

She cares about the loss of her first child, the lives of her parents, and the relationship she has with the second child that comes along; doubly so, because children who are born under-perfect are destroyed. And her Elina, her second-born, was dangerously close to extinction like the first one.

Step in another rarity: a doctor who cares.

Lupa is fortunate to find him, and him, her. Through the years of abuse by her husband and the fearsome drudgery of living in the grey of Providence, Lupa’s only hope is to meet up again with the doctor who showed her kindness.

And the love that is returned to her by Elina–who is far more than what she seems.


Another fantastic offering from Jane Dougherty, who has proven herself to be a formidable story teller. Every tale weaves more reason, life, and color into the drabness that is post-apocalyptic survival under unbelievable tyranny.

Ms. Dougherty just keeps writing the most wonderful tangential stories, finding more lives in Providence to bring to life. I am so eager to find out how their lives end up, because I am sure that they will all intertwine somewhere along the way.

Somewhere along the way, reason and life will return to Providence. I hope many people will be there, through Jane’s books, to see that happen.

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