Review of “Zombie War: The Beginning”, by Jean Booth


Sarah is first-hand witness to the mutation of the AIDS vaccine, and barely escapes with her life. With her husband, Matt, and two other survivors, she runs from the rapidly-spreading disease and hides out in a home that is easy to defend against all comers.  But will it be enough? From what happens to them at the sports store, where they have very little competition in looting for supplies, it doesn’t look promising. But they settle in and wait for whatever comes, safe at least in knowing who they are among themselves.

But just how much of that supposed knowledge can be trusted?


This short story is a precursor to “Zombie War: Little Apocalypse on the Prairie”, and is a nice, concise introduction. My favorite thing about this story was how the author seemed a little self-deprecating in her writing. In a couple of places, she wrote something like “just like in the movies” or “like an actor in the zombie movies”. Fun that way.

Even though my usual method of interaction with zombie stories is usually “Nice. When’s the next commercial?”, this story kept my interest completely. Ms. Booth did a nice job with descriptions and action, keeping the reader running alongside her throughout the entire book. I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series.

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