Review of “Runaway Clothes”, by Olga D’Agostino

Nika never saw it coming. She was so set in her ways, in her neglect of the things that were important, that it was a complete surprise.

The hangars told her, in words crisp and stern.  Her clothes had run away.  And they were of the same mind, as were Nika’s toys.

Why? Because she did not take care of them.

What happens when Nika learns her lesson? And what are the lessons learned–by all?


I love Mrs. D’s works. Every one of  them is a charmer, and every one teaches a lesson. Her illustrator, Chanoa, is gifted beyond telling.  Such lovely art work. I loved how the tree friends from Ms. D’Agostino’s “The Trees Have Hearts” were incorporated into this story. Nika couldn’t go outside to play with them, because she didn’t have anything to wear, and the tree friends can be seen waiting for her to come outside.

Not to fear–this book isn’t a scary one. There is a misunderstanding that leads to the clothes being returned–all small children will understand the very real reason behind the disappearance of the clothes. But they will also realize the importance of taking care of what they have. And that is the very real message that the author is trying to convey–gently and sweetly, as is her way.

Always a treat to read Mrs. D’s books!

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