Review of “Darkness Apart”, by Jason Mueller

darkness apart

We all have a certain level within ourselves of how much pain we can endure—be it from physical, mental, or spiritual abuse. Then there is a pivotal moment beyond that level, where we stand on our tiptoes on a thin line, gazing longingly at the leap into madness.

Most of us come back the other way, however grudgingly, and get on with our lives.

In this book, Mr. Mueller tells tales of what happens when the wall is breached and peoples’ psyches go gladly into that world beyond sanity. Whether it stems from good intentions – such as the man who goes to drastic measures to save his family from the banshee without (or maybe within—himself) to unlooked-for trauma, as in the case of the new mother who visits a carnival, only to take away more than just a sore stomach from the fried food—these tales will take you to the pinnacle of madness. But you, on this side of the page, get to witness the plunge from the safety of your armchair.

And that noise behind you? Probably just the cat…if you have one…


I read the first part of this book as a way of entertaining myself while on my stationary bike. Let me tell you, I don’t think I ever pedaled so fast in my life. When the terrors Mr. Mueller so aptly describes started showing up on the pages, I burnt rubber and chain oil, trying to get away from them! Yes, it’s that horrifically good.

Eight genuinely terrifying stories, with evil clowns and vengeful victims, a strange visitor to a Catholic confessional, and shadowy bath time intruders. I’m sure you will find at least one in this book to keep you awake at night.

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