Review of “A Gathering of Twine (The Spirals of Danu)”, by Martin Adil-Smith

Everything You Know Is Wrong (Weird Al Yankovic)

What if all of the things you took for granted in the grand scheme of things was exactly the opposite of what you’d been taught?

What if there was a world that exists parallel to our own, and can easily (and foolishly) be accessed by those who know the right words?

These are the stories of what happens when that world meets our own. It is told from the perspective of an author who, at the risk of losing his own life, relates all of what he has learned and researched to a skeptical publisher.  What he tells her wins her over, quite against her original feelings and beliefs.

Because the stories he relates are astounding.  From the sighting of an other-worldly humanoid to the happenings at Jonestown, he weaves a story that has her on the edge of her seat.  And the strangest thing of all is–

he has proof’

From the steles found at Maiden Castle to the eyewitnesses’ reports at various times of the intertwining of the two worlds, he makes an irrefutable argument for this fact:

The world as we know it is far different from what was intended.


This is an exceptional book.  I would highly recommend that it be read without any other reading materials for distractions.  Mr. Adil-Smith takes the title of his book literally; there are many strands of witness material that interweave themselves into the rest of the story to make a very dramatic whole.  It needs–no, requires–a perception that comes with singleness of mind.  It is definitely worth the pay-off.  I was amazed throughout.  Mr. Adil-Smith has taken many different personalities and situations, and has combined them into a seriously good read.

I will be awaiting the chance to read the next volume in the series, “The Beggar of Beliefs”.

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