Review of “Cold Case Morphs”, by Barbara Silkstone

cold case morphs

What better a job career for Morphs than to do what they’re best at–unraveling mysteries?  Of course, in their full-body, uni-color clothing (which goes from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes), it is difficult to go about in public without attracting attention.  So these four – Fedora, Fog, Shadow, and Silky – concentrate their attentions on cold cases.

And “cold” is what Fedora gets when she is sent on a mission.  It’s an innocent-enough errand, to check out a bed-and-breakfast inn for the honeymoon of another Morph, Green, and his bride, Zo White.  What she finds is a haunted hotel, and a seemingly frantic innkeeper.

Fedora can see and communicate with the ghost, and it seems that not all is on the up-and-up at the Walnut Inn.  The agency, already busy with a missing Hollywood bigwig, takes on the case for the simple reason that they don’t want their newlywed friends to have to deal with ectoplasm at the beginning of their lives’ journey together.

However, Fedora is the only one to take the ghost’s side, and will not stop until there are answers and everyone is accounted for.

Missing moguls, pint-sized gangsters, death on a gargoyle, and a fire-hose foam melee in front of the police station–the action never ends until all is revealed, and the Morphs can sit back and wait for their next case.

Ms. Silkstone has again written a hilarious masterpiece.  I was so happy to get back to the characters of “Zo White and the Seven Morphs”.  They were just as I remembered them.

Her ability to write humor is right up there with the best.  The characters are quirky, the plot moves right along, and she can throw the silly stuff in as well as, sometimes better than, a few of the well-known authors that I have been following for years.

I can safely add Barbara Silkstone to my list of authors whose series I simply must have.

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