Review of “Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm”, by Simone Da Costa

Emily-Rose's Day at the Farm

Emily-Rose loves to visit her Grammie and watch her feed the animals.  She always looks forward to her visits on the farm., but wishes she could be the one spreading the corn and slopping the pigs.

This particular day becomes very special:  Grammie is going to let Emily-Rose feed the animals!  Grammie warns her that the animals can be rambunctious.  This is not a problem for the little girl, since she has no idea what the word “rambunctious” means.

She soon learns what it means, though, when she finds that the animals are very demanding at feeding time.  Throughout the morning, they chase her, run away from her, and splash her clothes while they eat.

Emily-Rose finally decides that perhaps she isn’t old enough to take on feeding chores just yet.

Simone Da Costa has done it again.  I love her books–simple enough to keep a child’s attention, and gentle with her lessons.

My copy of the book didn’t have pictures, but if they are anything like the front cover, I am absolutely certain that children of all ages will delight in them.  I love the artistry!

There was something for adults to learn here too; go ahead and use grown-up words, but when it’s really important for the child to understand what you are saying, make absolutely certain that they know what you mean.

Or you may end the day by cleaning pig slop out of their clothes.

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