Review of “Luna and the Bad Cops”, by Luna Challis

The queen feline of the Charleston police department finds herself and her Gang of Four boy detectives up against a very surprising foe:  one of Charleston’s finest is using his authority to harass specific types of people.  One of the Gang happens to fit into both types that Constable Jones does not like.  Ian is both a young person and dark-skinned, C. Jones’ two favorite targets.

Most of the time, the boys can avoid him, but when a case comes up that involves all of them, he almost spoils the arrest due to his arrogance, and puts the life of another police officer in danger.

There is not only a bank heist, but a drug bust and a kidnapping in this story.  Makes for a very exciting read!

Luna’s pawmanship, edited by her friend Steve Challis, is, as always, very easy and exciting to read.  There are a few pictures interspersed throughout the pages, which helps keep the attention of the younger readers.  And in this book we also read of a character’s inherited condition–one that can be detrimental to the person who has it, but in this case was extremely helpful for the survival of not just one, but two of the characters.  In fact, if it weren’t for this condition, it is doubtful that the case would have been solved.

Luna has written several books, each one just as good a read as the last.  I would not hesitate to snatch up the entire series.

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