Review of “Rescuing the Future: A Naomi Kinder Novel”, by Vincent Miskell

Rescuing the Future

It’s the year 2097, about a month after Naomi and Leo were given a hero’s welcome for saving the solar system from a black hole.  But scarcely has the dust begun to settle on their space suits when they are called back to Godspeed Headquarters in Ares City, Mars.

Their boss, Bonnie, and her army of researchers have discovered just what was in the capsule that nearly wiped the two adventurers out on their way home. Within its sheath are the following:  a message in a strange mélange of languages; plans for a ship that will traverse both space and time; and bits and pieces of a human body.

The researchers have parsed out the message, and it is seemingly incredible:  the capsule is the remains of one Peter Romero, who was trying to get back to Earth in time to stop a catastrophe–in the year 2313.

He and genetically-created Medusans had been sent to a planet known as X14 to see to a problem with researchers dying off.  And unfortunately the problem accompanies them home.

Now what Naomi, Leo, and Bonnie must do is get on the ship that was created with the plans from the capsule, and take Peter and the capsule back to the proper year.  But a rift in the fabric of time gets him there much later than expected.

What they find, what happens, and their interactions with each other, make for a fascinating read.  For the past, the present, and the future all find themselves together, with a very surprising alliance formed–from our planetary system and beyond.

This was one of the best-thought-out books I have read in a long time.  There is so much going on, at different levels, with different characters, and in entirely different centuries, that a less-gifted author would have lost the reader with what could have been a very confusing story line.  Mr. Miskell has fleshed out his characters, their relationships, and the various scenarios ingeniously, through the use of short chapters that alternate between scenes.  This way, the book reads like a verbal three-ring circus, but one that is easily followed.  The story line, heavily using the science of nanotechnology, does not use a lot of futuristic-sounding terms.  It is a story that is actually very believable, given what science has come up with in the past several generations.

The author has other books up his sleeve, which is good, because our heroes are still waiting to save the future, not only for our own galaxy, but for a faraway one as well.

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