Review of “Horror Bent: An Anthology”, by Brian Bigelow

From demons to aliens, witches to zombies–this short anthology is up to its ears in them.  Six stories, every one of them different, and every one of them well worth the read.

In “After the Party”, we find out what happens when Sydney has one too many at a party, and lives to regret the results.  But not right away–she has to raise it first…

“Dance of Death” takes us to the French countryside of World War I.  If ever there was an incident to bind enemies together, it would be what happened on that day.

“En Las Sambras”–translates to “in the shades”.  Jay is witness to an out-of-this-world event when he heads up to take shelter and refuge in the mountains of Colorado.  He’s lucky to escape with his life.

“Witchery Afoot” – my personal favorite.  In 1672, Margaret, a healer and supposed witch (considerd as such because her help does more good than the doctors’ visits of the time), has been banished from her village.  It wouldn’t take much for the men of the town to rise up and capture her, for they want to burn her to cinders.  She’s been able to hide from them for some time, but then she makes one mistake…

“Novum Vicinos”–yes, you always should find out who your neighbors are before you sign the lease.

And, finally, “Liturgy”.  Angel has a visitor, in the form of a glowing green crystal.  What it has planned for her, and for whoever it wishes to inhabit, is a question that might keep you up at night.  Or, at least, keep you away from glowing green crystals in your lawn.


Mr. Bigelow has a good handle on the creepy.  Fans of shows like “Twilight Zone” and “Night Gallery” would really like this book.  Good job, sir–I hope there’s more to come.

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