“When the World Ends” Blog Tour

Hi all!    I am happy to present:


“When the World Ends…” was written by JJ Marshall:


Check it out–here’s the storyline:

“We’re here as a terrorist cell looking to bring down the Board of Officials that essentially controls the entire Human Race. Those on Earth may have their own figures of authority in the Spheres but whether they ultimately live or die depends on decisions that the Board make. If we take them down then Humanity after they’re gone can only be better”
At the dawn of the 22nd Century, the Earth is dead. A lethal alien organism has rendered the planet uninhabitable and a small fraction of humanity has retreated to Space and the Moon. Those that remain on Earth are trapped in huge Spheres that encompass entire cities, tinted to defend against the deadly UV radiation that the atmosphere no longer protects Humanity from.
17-year-old Alec Corbett lives aboard the adapted International Space Station. One ordinary day in his mundane life he transforms his potential when he discovers information that could expose the corruption of the Board of Officials that now controls humanity. Armed with nothing but knowledge and his friend Jonah Jones by his side, Alec’s righteous judgement leads them on a merciless and unforgiving path. For there is one key problem – the information comes from his father Landon Corbett; a member of the Board.
Pitted against his own flesh and blood, Alec finds himself in a unique position to end the Board of Officials’ dictatorship over Humanity. However, all is not as it seems and as the stakes grow increasingly higher, Humanity reaches the brink of all-out-war. Only Alec and his group of friends can peacefully negate the situation, but it all depends on whether or not anyone will listen to a 17-year-old boy.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Sci-fi/YA coolness!  Want an excerpt?  Well, here it is:

Jonah opened his eyes. Even though there was no natural light aboard the ISS he knew that it was morning. The light of the sun was radiating off of the Earth below, shining off of the blue oceans and turning them white. As he blinked to let the sunlight seep into his eyes his vision cleared. The sleep faded away and he could see a figure standing at the window. It was no more than a silhouette though Jonah knew it was Alec. He wore pajamas that were shapeless, but it was the outline of Alec’s face; the dead-straight nose, the set-eyes and his small, tightly pressed lips, which helped Jonah to know.

‘What’re you doing?’ he asked, rolling off of the bed and joining Alec at the window. As he went he saw that Trey was still slumped, asleep, in front of the bedroom door.

‘Watching the sunrise’ Alec replied quietly.

Jonah looked down at noticed a photograph in Alec’s hand. It was a trio of people standing in front of a house. It was red-bricked and beautifully adorned with climbing flowers and a blooming magnolia tree on the front lawn. ‘I recognize your dad’ Jonah pointed to the man in the photo. ‘And this must be you’ he hesitated. ‘Where’s your mum?’

Alec nodded down at the Earth.

‘On Earth?’

Alec nodded again. ‘When my father was first chosen to come to the ISS, about seven years ago, my mother had just been diagnosed with skin cancer. Although it took two years before we got here, they wouldn’t have let her come because of her health. She needed to be treated in a Sphere on Earth’ Alec paused and Jonah sensed that there was more to be said and so didn’t interrupt the silence. It lasted for a good few minutes; stretching on as they watched the Sun slowly draw its light across the Atlantic Ocean, heading for America. ‘It was my father that forced her to stay. Technically, anyway. Because of his promotion to the Board of Officials he couldn’t be seen flouting the Space Flight regulations by demanding that an “invalid” be allowed to travel’.

‘That’s…awful’ was all Jonah could manage to say.

‘That’s not the worst of it…’ Alec continued quietly, speaking in a voice that was barely louder than a whisper. As he spoke he looked down at the photograph and gently rubbed his thumb over his mother’s face. ‘She didn’t want him to have to make the choice, and so seven years ago she left us. In the middle of the night she just disappeared. I woke up in the morning to be told that she had gone. The worst thing was he didn’t even seem to care…it was like he was relieved’.

Jonah couldn’t even manage words. He shook his head in disbelief.

‘That was the day he changed’ Alec said, turning away from the Earth to look at Jonah. ‘That was the day he stopped being my father. I just hope that she lives on somewhere, with someone that does care about her and can make her happy. And I wish I was with her’ he sighed heavily and glanced down at his watch. ‘We can go, he’ll be gone by now’.

Alec strolled across the room to wake Trey whilst Jonah continued to stare down at the Earth, wondering if his mother and sisters might still be alive down there too.

Hope this intrigues you enough to look further into the story.

And….one last thing to get you hooked–the book trailer!



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