Review of “Good Morning, World!”, by Mrs. D.

guten morgen

All of nature outside of Baby Thomas’ window is singing the praises of the day, and Baby Thomas wants to join in the chorus.  But Grandpa is tired, and unhappy that he is the one who has to push the stroller to the park.

Baby Thomas pays no attention to Grandpa’s grumblings, as he greets all of the wonders around him.  The sky, the sun, the clouds and the trees, animals, insects, and happy people all return his smiles.  It is a day of wonder for the little boy.

Not so for Grandpa, who finds the trip almost unendurable.  The sun’s too hot, the wind’s too… windy, and the animals and insects are pests.  Too bad for him, because when they finally arrive home, he still has only the grumpy disposition he left the house with earlier.

However, Baby Thomas has a hatful of happy memories.

How soon we forget the simple pleasures of everyday life.  This book points up the joy a little child can find in what we adults would consider the mundane.  In our day-to-day hustle and bustle, we take for granted the things that are around us, instead of focusing in on the little things that make life so beautiful.

This is not only a terrific book to read to a toddler, with its beautifully-drawn pictures, but it is a gentle reminder to adults: to step away from our own little universes once in awhile, and see the world through the eyes of a child.

Every one of Mrs. D.’s books have been a joy to read.  Bravo once again, and keep writing!

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