Review of “Angel Bones”, by Linda Deane

The Cat Family–Yannis and Melita, their sons Nico and Mica, and daughter Eleni, must run for their lives.  Their reputation as a cat-friendly family, in an age where cats are ignored at best and feared at worst, has turned the village against them.  It doesn’t help that a wandering tradesman with connections to the powerful has come to live among the clan.  Jealous that Yannis’ work far exceeds his own, and spurned in his advances toward Melita, he spins a story to raise animosity against Yannis and his family.  And what does he use as the center of his accusations?

Tammy, the cat that has befriended the family.  She is especially affectionate with Melita and Eleni.  The tradesman claims that the cat and the females are magic, and must be destroyed.

So Yannis and his little group flee in the night, with Tammy as their guide.  They land on the shores of an unknown island, and hope that they will be left alone to live out their lives in peace.

Such dreams are short-lived, which is a good and a bad thing all at the same time.  They find themselves safe and prosperous within a new community, but then dark days come with the arrival of other boats from their old village.

Kidnapped after a huge fight, the family is left to die in an unreachable cave.

Or so the kidnappers think.  What follows is a tale of fidelity, love, and the perseverance brought only by the strong bonds of a relationship that transcends life and death.


Another winner by Linda Deane!  The series itself, which includes “Ice Angel”, is an imaginary voyage into just where and when the nine lives of a cat might be played out.  This time it is in pre-history, on the island of Cyprus, in the Mediterranean.

Tammy is an African Wildcat, and…wait, I’ll let you read about that yourself.  Ms. Deane has done some research, and has blessed us with her findings at the end of this book.

Again, as with her previous book, the characters are very real, and the story is a real page-turner.  This is not some fluffy-kitty story–it’s about the trials and travails that are caused by jealousy and prejudice.  It is also about the salvific power of love, faith in each other, and  the rewards bestowed on those who show kindness to even the smallest of creatures.

Keep writing, Linda!  I want to read about every life this angel kitty experiences.

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