Review of “Surfacing the Rim”, by Venessa Kimball

The universe is being torn by the intersection of two galaxies.

The world is being torn by those who are on opposite sides of an imminent invasion.

And Jesca’s world is being torn by the love of two men.

Ezra and the rest of the guardians are on high alert.  The collision with the Andromeda galaxy will happen sooner than anyone thought, helped along by an attraction that the other worlds have towards something on this planet.  Those who oppose Ezra and company are dead-set on the invasion happening.  Their leader has his own agenda, stemming from an age-old jealousy.

Both sides are garnering soldiers in their own way.  Jesca, Ezra, Xander, and Nate, along with their companions, train their people and remain honest with them and what they are involved in.  Sam and Michael, part of the opposition, kidnap and use people to their own ends.

As the intersection draws near, Jesca, Nate, and Xander must put aside their own feelings for each other to concentrate on saving their planet.

A climactic battle at the base of Mount Fuji sends them all into the next stage of the battle.  The outcome has yet to be decided, but rest assured that the guardians will do all in their power to keep the aliens at bay.

Ms. Kimball has done it again.  What a fantastic story!  Again, written in the present tense (except for memories) and from various points of view, the narrative plunges the reader directly into the action.  It is like seeing a movie or watching a play.
Every gesture of the characters, every nuance, is deliberately and carefully placed to give the story a realness and color that makes them vividly come to life.

And continuity!  I read this book several months and many books after reading “Piercing the Fold”, and had very little trouble getting right back into the story line.  I read the end of “PTF” just to make sure I had the right story path, but it wasn’t all that necessary.  (In fact, I got so engrossed in re-reading “PTF” that I almost didn’t read this book!)

The story line is a fantastic concept, and the back stories and side stories give it a complexity that make it all that more fun to read.  Relationships, both scientifically-formulated and emotional, keep all the characters hopping–and the readers as well.

There is a third book, “Ascending the Veil”, coming out soon.  It can’t be soon enough, in my opinion!

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