Review of “A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book About Animals”, by Simone Da Costa

Simone Da Costa

Cows that meow instead of moo.

Singing hippos with a love of pink pillows.

Koalas driving shiny red sports cars.

You bet it’s silly!  Ms. Da Costa has taken well-known animals (and some not so well-known), and turned them willy-nilly-silly.  Your little ones will love the pictures, and will laugh at the funny antics of their favorite critters.

I test-drove this cute book with my great-nephew, aged almost three, and he loved it.  Not one for sitting still and paying attention to a story, he was the perfect audience when his mom read him this one.

The pictures are just as silly as the rhymes, and they are colorful and fun to look at.  There is so much to discuss with your little one in the pictures, too, that are not in the rhymes.  Double fun!

If you have toddlers, or know of someone who does, I highly recommend this book.

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