Review of “Turtle Wish”, by Murielle Cyr

Hatchling has just been born, and already she has seen dangers and horrors that no one should face.  Predators chase her and gobble up her siblings.  She can’t find protection and safety anywhere she goes.

On a journey to find her family, she encounters rejection time and again.  There doesn’t seem to be anywhere for her, no warmth or love.  Yet she pushes on, heedless of the reactions she gets from others, until she finally finds what she is looking for.


Once again, Murielle Cyr has delivered an important lesson, this one more geared to very young people than “Culloo” was.  Yet the message is very much the same:  family is important.  Acceptance is important.  In her prologue, Murielle Cyr states: “It’s…the story of every boy and girl in this world who needs to be with a family that loves and protects them.”

The pictures in this story book are simple, colorful, and easy for even the youngest child to understand.  Not a very long book, I can see it becoming a favorite among the preschool crowd.

Another great job, Murielle!

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