Review of “The City Kittens and the Old House Cat”, by Mrs. D.

old house cat

It’s Christmas, and one of the most fun, but most difficult, holidays for Nyda, an old cat who is very set in her ways.  She loves to see friends and family visit, and especially loves the special treats she gets.  The cold days outside make her grateful for the warm, cozy house she lives in.

The difficulty is the arrival of two kittens, pets of one of the daughters.  True, they visit from the city often, but Nyda feels that Christmas should be a time when she gets all of the attention.  The kittens are too rambunctious, too pettable, too cute for her tastes.  She thinks that they are spoiled, privileged little kits who should know better than to harass an older, more respectable cat.

Until she happens to overhear the tale of the kittens’ origins.  Found in a garbage pile behind a store, they were part of a starving litter.  Their mother was too weak and sick to take good care of them.  The good-hearted daughter takes them to the vet, finds homes for all of them, and ends up keeping these two little ones.

From then on, Nyda’s opinion of the little ones changes for the better, as she realizes that these wee mites have had a much harder life than she ever will–and that all of them were very lucky to have become a part of such a loving family.

Once again, I have to praise Mrs. D’s books to the skies.  Such a lovely tale–and it’s obvious that it takes place in her own home at some time in the past.  The pictures are lovely, and so true to life.  I have had cats since I can remember, and the faces the artist produced are priceless–they really fit the animals’ emotions.  Little ones will love the color and friendly pictures.  Truly a work of art, in words and drawings.  This is one I will give my great-nephew for his birthday.

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