Review of “The Boon: Thoughts of a Schizophrenic in Remission” by Eugene Uttley

“I conceive of this work of creative nonfiction, this lengthy personal essay, as a learner’s journal and a part of the healing process”.

This passage sums up the entire book very well.  Yet, in ways, it doesn’t come close to what it offers.  Not only does Mr. Uttley take us on his personal journey through schizophrenia and his return to what we regard as “normal”, but he also leads us through his personal beliefs on a great many topics.  The first subject is his personal notion of God and Creation.  A very interesting and thought-provoking treatise, his explanation of his perception of the Eternal made me stop and think, weigh my own beliefs, and find them bolstered by his ideas.

Well-cited and deep in its intelligence and observations, “The Boon” is not a book to be picked up and run through in one go, or even two.  I would go so far as to say, like Socrates or Plato, or the Bible itself, “The Boon” is a book to be read in bits and parts, allowing these passages to soak in and to find a home in the reader’s consideration.

Mr. Uttley’s observations often wind in and out of each other, wending a pathway that seems to go beyond what his original idea was.  But once he brings it back to the original proposal (and he always does), all of it makes sense, and the reader is left with the feeling that it could not have come back any other way.

This book is very encouraging and thought-provoking.  It is one I would recommend to someone who wishes to see the world from another’s point of view, in a highly intelligent and well-researched approach.  I personally will find myself referring to it often.

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