Review of “Love Heals the Broken”, by Rachel Sparks

Ben Durham had a great life.  A loving relationship with his three sons and extended family, a successful ranch, and a name respected by his peers–locally and beyond.

Then came the event that sealed his fate, and that of his family.  Or so it seemed.

A fantastic opportunity lands Ben hard up against the animosity and jealousy of a competitor, and this is where the hardships begin.  Through the machinations of this man who makes himself Ben’s enemy, the Durhams experience one tragedy after another.

From surgeries gone deliberately wrong, to alcoholism run rampant, to beatings and kidnappings, the Durhams learn to work through their own despair and to rely on God’s faithfulness.  Their innocence in this onslaught, plus their prayers and steadfast love for one another, rewards them with miraculous results.

This story is a keeper, one that could be read over and over for the message it contains.  Sprinkled here and there with Biblical passages of hope and praise, the lesson is one that is so important:  faith and reliance on the One Who created us should be our first resort, not our last.

I felt for all of the characters:  Aaron, the oldest, who experiences the greatest tragedy; Tim, the youngest, who runs with the wrong crowd and finds himself a catalyst in the ills that befall his family; Ethan, the middle son, who must make great sacrifices to protect his wife and young children; and Ben himself, who takes to the bottle to escape his problems, to his own and everyone else’s grave detriment.

This book was well worth staying up way past my bedtime to read.  Nice work, Ms. Sparks!

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