Interview with Saoirse O’Mara, author of “The Lost Diadem: A Rogue’s Tale”

Saoirse O'Mara

I really enjoyed this book, and am so glad that Saoirse could stop by and answer some questions.  It’s great to be able to gain an insight as to how and why an author writes what she/he does.  It’s one of the great things about the indie author world–we’re all so still accessible to each other.

Welcome, Saoirse.  Now, this question has nothing to do with your book, but I’ve been wanting to know since I first “met” you on Facebook:  how is your name pronounced?  I’m somewhat vowel-challenged.

Don’t worry, it’s an Irish name and Irish pronunciation is the most difficult thing in languages I’ve come across so far. My first name is pronounced SEERsha, and it means freedom. Saoirse O’Mara = merry freedom.

Yay!  Now I can stop making up pronunciations!  You are no longer Shirley, or Stella, or whatever I was substituting there. 

Okay–another biggie:  What influenced you to write your book?

I actually don’t remember. But knowing my muse, the characters probably showed up on my doorstep one day and demanded to be written into a story.

They do that a lot, don’t they?  Somehow they convince you to let them in, then they camp out on your living room rug until you do something about them.  (I don’t mind the human characters; they’re usually reasonable.  But elephants are entirely different matter…)

Do you have a favorite?

I like most of my characters, but I think I like Tayla a tad more than Govin.  She’s more fun because she’s less controlled by responsibility and instead just follows her heart and curiosity. Oh yeah, and she’s a rogue. Who doesn’t like rogues?

Free spirits.  Gotta love ’em!!

Do you have any other books in progress, or that you plan to write?

Part three of my YA fantasy/mystery series A Rogue’s Tale around Govin and Tayla is about done and will be released shortly (Pirates, Pirates!). After that, I’ll definitely start writing part four. I’m also working on more Miro stories right now.

(That’s “Miro the Dragon”, another series she has written.)  You mean I missed Part 2?  I’ll have to rectify that situation!

Which has been your favorite of your books so far?

I think my favourite of the three books so far has been Pirates, Pirates! It has more action than the previous parts, plus we get to know some of the side characters better. But then, each new book adds to the world and the characters so it’s hard to tell whether my vote will change once the fourth book is written.

I’m looking forward to reading that one, too.  Wish I had an extra three or four hours a day to read!  Sigh…  (I know, be careful what you wish for.)

Is there a particular lesson to be learned from “The Lost Diadem:  A Rogue’s Tale” that you would like to get across to your reading audience?

It’s a mystery book, but also a book about friendship and about doing the right thing. Both Govin and Tayla risk something to do the right thing and to help each other, even though they were strangers. In the course of the book they become friends and in the end, their risks pay off for them.

Govin showed immense bravery and self-sacrifice to help Tayla out of a tight situation.  Such friends we should all have.

Okay, another personal question, just for kicks:  Have you always lived in Germany?

Yes. I was born in western Germany, in the Ruhr area, and lived there until the end of 2011. But now, I live near Berlin, in eastern Germany, together with my husband. I spent two long visits in the US in 2011, where I met my husband during my first visit.

Heckuva souvenir to take home!  I usually end up with a T-shirt… 😀

What do you like to do outside of writing?

I love music. I play the guitar and sing. I also love RPGs (roleplaying games), especially the pen and paper variant. Currently, I GM a Pathfinder round and play in another Pathfinder round and a DSA (Das Schwarze Auge—The Dark Eye, a German system) round.

…’K….   No, I’m not a gamer, but the rest of my family is.  Son is into World of Warcraft, daughter plays Everquest, and my husband is always going back and forth between various games.  I play solitaire…

Looks like I have shot the wad, so to speak.  Before you have to leave, is there anything else you would like to add?

I’m a freelancer, and love my way of working. Right now, I teach several English classes at our local community college, some computer classes at a further education institute, I edit and translate books, and I do the occasional business translation too. It’s an interesting mix of tasks that keeps me sane and motivated. Writing is part of the mix, but depending on my workload and teaching schedules, sometimes it’s hard to find time and energy to be creative. I’m hoping to make more (and regular) money off my books soon so that I can cut back on the other work, although I wouldn’t stop teaching, editing, or translating even if my books became bestsellers and made me millions. I just love what I do too much, all of it.

If you do what you love, nothing else matters.  I feel the same way about some aspects of my job–especially the people.

It was terrific having you on here, Saoirse.  Nice answers to my nosy little questions.  So, last thing–where can our readers get in touch with you?

My English homepage is

You can find out more about my series on their respective websites, and, as well as stay connected with me during their Facebook fan pages ( and ).

My books are all available on Amazon (Miro the Dragon and the A Rogue’s Tale series in print and ebook, the rest ebook only), and most of my ebooks apart from the Miro series are also available through Smashwords, on Barnes and Noble, Sony, and other distributors.

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