Interview with Margarita Felices, author of “Judgement of Souls”

The sun’s going down as I write this.  Most of the country is in darkness, and half the population has gone to bed.  It’s the perfect time to interview Margarita, since her character Rachel is such a night owl…or something…


Yup, she’ll be around.  I’m sure of it.

So, Ms. Felices, before we are interrupted by any of Rachel’s, er, relatives, let us get on with the interview shall we?

Thanks for agreeing to the interview.  I loved your book, and have been dying (oops, what a word to use…) to find out what was behind its creation.

What influenced you to write your book?

I’ve always been interested in writing.  I loved to read books by Stephen King and Anne Rice and imagined all sorts of scenarios in my head until one day I thought, why not write them down?  What always got my blood boiling was the constant misrepresentation of females in novels or even as they were portrayed in Horror films, always the weak female having to be rescued and thought, why not write about a vulnerable, but strong female vampire who doesn’t faint at the smallest shock and who can give as good as she gets?  When I first began Judgement of Souls, the book started differently – it was called Gothic Dreams – Rachel (my lead) was the villain of the book, but I soon found that it was a mistake.  I took the story apart and created her with a bit more compassion and added Max into the equation.  I’m more than happy with the way the story has turned out and has been received, and the next installment of the trilogy, her journey is going to be just as exciting.

Eeep!  I have to read it!!  I’m not a big fan of the traditional weakling female victim either.   Not realistic nowadays.

Do you have a favorite character?

From my own novels?  I guess it would be Rachel (although Arun is such a laugh sometimes).          From someone else’s?  I will always love Lestat de Lioncourt.

Heh–I read one of Anne Rice’s Lestat vampire books, and couldn’t go any further.  Scary as hell.  In yours–I loved how Arun took care of Rachel even though she fought him so much.

Do you have any other books in progress, or that you plan to write?

Oh yes.  Right now I am turning an old screenplay I wrote some years ago into a novel.  The second part of the JOS trilogy is with the editors at Books To Go Now, and hopefully they’ll like it enough to sign me up again.   I have at least five other stories in note form waiting to be brought to life. Including the last of the JOS trilogy, I’d like to have that finished by the end of next year.  And when I can, I’d like a few stories with Rachel and Daniel, I have a few story ideas for them that involve teaming up with the Righteous.

Oh wow–you are busy!  Those all sound great. 

I find it interesting that we both have Cain as an interest in our books.  Where did you pick up your information?

I needed to have something completely different in the novel.  I didn’t want vampires going after humans and that entire bloodletting etc.  I went back to the start of their existence, there was always talk that the first person on earth was Adam and Lilith NOT Eve, so I read a few books on the legends and then thought about Cain in particular.  It is said that when Lilith came out of the Underworld she found Cain and turned him into the first vampire, the Book of Cain just seemed mysterious and so it was born.

I found that bit interesting too.  Jewish mythology about Lilith, and then add a bit of Cain’s myth–yes, it makes for interesting storytelling.

I love the idea of a concealed vampire city in “JOS”.  Where did that come from?

I wanted a place where vampires could live without detection.  I have always loved an island called Santorini and read about how just 100 years ago, the people living on the island believed there to be vampires there.  But if they were there, where would they be living?  So I made up the hidden city, hidden with the help of the Book of Cain.  Even when the book is stolen, it is still protected.  Santorini is also the doorway to Hades – if you believe in old stories!

I do remember a TV documentary about Santorini.  Not the vampires though–yet that area figures predominantly in another book I read…hmmm…

The excerpt from “The Book of Cain”  was an obvious influence; what other research or stories did you draw from—besides your own imagination, of course?

I spoke to the Jewish community here in Wales and they suggested I contacted a Jewish Rabbi in London who let me read, actually he translated, a few verses from the Hebrew bible.  The Hebrew bible is supposedly the oldest and truest version of the modern day Bible, just with all the bits taken out by Constantine still there.  In it is written about Lilleth and Cain and I sort of took inspiration from that.  Once I had that part of the story in my head, the rest was easy.

What a great opportunity!  It must have been absolutely fascinating for you to be able to get that kind of first-hand information.

OK–it’s getting dark.  Time to put the garlic out.  So, last question: What do you like to do outside of writing?

I have three little Yorkies who need constant ball throwing or they bully you into it!  But besides that, I live in Wales.  Home to old castles, abbeys, valleys, waterfalls, Jurassic coastlines.  So I take my camera out and find little places that inspire me.   Cardiff has an old Norman Castle right in the centre.  There are also Roman walls within it and it dates back even further than the Romans and it’s fantastic!  When I get visitors, I make sure they don’t leave the city without seeing that.

Our oldest buildings date back to about 1840.  You folks have ancient history everywhere you look!  I love exploring in the British Isles–my own ancestry starts there too.

Thanks for stopping by, Margarita!  Say hi to Rachel for me.  But before you go, please tell us how we can reach you.

Come on over…

JOIN the JOS Facebook page.

Come on by and join the fangs… vV””Vv

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WATCH the short promo that accompanies the novel.

Thanks!  Any last thoughts?

I can’t really think of anything else.  Even though my book has been out over a year, I still consider myself a novice, learning from each and every author I come across and every person who takes the time to write a review or contact me on Facebook.   I’m always willing to help anyone out who needs advice or who is starting out and doesn’t know which way to go – I’ve been there, it’s hard on your own and I wonder how many great books never saw the light of day because there wasn’t anyone to help the author out?  Pass it on, is what I say.  There is plenty of room for everyone.

Play nice to people and you will be rewarded; I know that has to be right!

Because as we all know, Karma is great until it comes back to bite you in the arse!




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