Review of “Little Miss History Travels to Mount Rushmore”, by Barbara Ann Mojica


“So read this book and I’ll take you somewhere!”

At this invitation, we are off on an adventure!

The story behind the creation of Mt. Rushmore comes alive in a way that young to middle-school children can really relate to.  Not only does Ms. Mojica tell her readers the well-known facts behind Mt. Rushmore’s inception, but also some tidbits that might not be known by everyone. (Did you know that there is a Hall of Records, unfinished, behind the presidents’ heads?  I didn’t!)  And, originally, Jefferson was supposed to be carved on Washington’s right–but they had to change it because the rock wasn’t usable.

Little Miss History gives stats of length, height, and width, but not in some boring graph or table.  She does it in an entertaining way, using herself as a comparison.

The illustrations, drawn by Victor Ramon Mojica, are just perfect for this story.  Little Miss History is a self-assured, knowledgeable, and fearless young lady with a thirst for adventure.  She will definitely appeal to young girls, and hopefully spark an interest in their hearts to explore and dig up history themselves.

This is a series not to be missed.  History teachers will love its entertainment value, and the important facts it conveys.  Kids will love it for the fun and colorful illustrations.  Over-all, a win-win for everyone.


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