Review of “The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool”, by P.J. LaRue

Talk about sibling rivalry! Princess Harmonie and her brother Eros have it worse than anyone. For they are two of the seven children of Aphrodite and Ares. Aphrodite has given Harmonie over to Eros to look after, and Ares has commanded the other five to hunt down these two and capture Harmonie. With her out of the way, they can wage war, a favorite pastime of theirs.

Harmonie has to leave her brother and the New York she loves, and ends up in the Hawaiian Islands. Here she is protected by the daughter of Neptune, Princess Coral, and three other princesses from other parts of the world. These four have elemental powers, those of earth, wind, air, and water. They must practice these powers and learn how to use them. Each princess learns early on that being overconfident and not training can lead to serious trouble, not only for themselves, but for their friends.

The summer goes wonderfully well, and so does school when summer ends. The princesses have terrific teachers and learn very important lessons. One lesson in particular saves their lives when they arrive home and find something suspiciously wrong…

I found this book, geared for 5-10-year-olds, to be a lot of fun. I can see little girls really enjoying it, whether they are reading it or having it read to them. Graciela Arnold’s illustrations are perfect for the story–simple, bright, and happy. The book has a very easily understood lesson–help those in need, be prepared for anything, and do not be so overconfident in your abilities that you actually cause others to be in danger.

The ending leaves room for a sequel, and I hope there will be one. Ms. LaRue is a splendid writer!

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