Reviews for Barbara Bloom’s Children’s Books

Stop #1 on my two-week long review-a-thon of children’s books.  I’m looking forward to some innocence for awhile; what I’ve been reading lately has me checking under the bed at night.

Ms. Bloom has four books for the very young.  Well, three–there is one that I would recommend more for the five-to-six-year-old crowd.  So, shall we begin?

Your Shoes, My Shoes

Something we can all relate to–shoes.  It’s a clever little story, in the vein of Dr. Seuss’s offerings.  A small child would love the simple poetry and the large, friendly pictures that go with the words.  Ms. Bloom knows how to connect with little ones, who do not look for complications.  They want a simple story, short and sweet, and Ms. Bloom delivers.

Here Comes Pixie Pie

Pixie Pie and her friend go to the rodeo fair, which fulfills Pixie Pie’s birthday wish.  It’s a very fun day for both of them.  They play the games, win lots of prizes, ride the Ferris wheel, and ride home on Pixie Pie’s new tandem bike. 

When I read this, I could imagine the two girls, close as two peas in a pod, having a great time together.  I had times like that when I was little, so it brought back wonderful, warm memories.  Ms. Bloom writes for the little ones, but in ways that involve the people who read to them as well.  Nice job!!

Run, Hide, the Monster is Outside!

I think all of us, no matter our age, can relate to this little story.  Home alone, noises and weird shapes outside…what can be going on?  Fear makes us hide, hoping for rescue.  Then someone comes along, and the thing we feared turns out to be something completely innocent of the horrific nature our minds had given it.

This little story would be better for the kindergartner or older kids; those with minds mature enough to understand the nature of the story.  Again, a lot of of cute pictures to go along with the tale–some of them holding clues to the “menace” that lurks just outside.  A good tale for little ones and their caregivers alike.

Dig the Digger

This is a new story Ms. Bloom is working on–I have not received the final copy, but will review this one when it comes out.

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