Interview with Suzanna Williams, author of “Shockwaves”

I am extremely happy to have Suzanna Williams on board today.  She has written a delightful YA book, and now she has agreed to an interview.  So let’s get started, shall we?

suzanna author photo

I have to tell you, Suz, I absolutely loved this book.  What inspired you to write “Shockwaves”?

I was challenged to write ShockWaves by my husband after watching a Harry Potter movie. (He was probably thinking about JK’s millions … poor misguided fool).

The characters were inspired by my son, the parkour enthusiast, my step-granddaughter, a karate black-belt at fourteen, and lastly my daughter who was a ‘girl-racer’, owner of hot-hatch Saxo complete with aftermarket bumper, dodgy angel-eye headlights and super-chipped engine. (Thankfully she’s grown out of that now.)


Nice!  I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself!!  Well, with the steering wheel on the US side; driving on the other side of the car makes me nervous.

Next question, and the one I am most curious about:  A few of the characters practice parkour.  Can you tell us something about it?  Do you yourself practice it?

Ha ha. I’m laughing at the thought of me doing parkour. I don’t have the co-ordination and I certainly don’t have the nerve, although I did climb on the roof of a shed whilst filming the video trailer for my book (that was scary).


Parkour is one of the fastest growing sports. There are two variants – parkour and free-running. Although used interchangeably, parkour started in France and is the practise of moving from one place to another using the shortest route, i.e. you go over walls etc rather than round them. Free-running incorporates more gymnastic movements such as backflips.

Lots of free-runners work as stuntmen in movies; think the chase in Quantum of Solace & District 13.

I’m still laughing at the thought of me roof jumping.

Hee hee–well, I just had to ask.  My son did parkour for a short time–sure used up his shoes quickly.  You have to have really good knees for parkour!

I really got into the characters in “Shockwaves”.  Do you have any other books in this series, or are you planning more?

ShockWaves was always planned to run over three books and I have a sequel, AfterShock, half-written. This time it’s Paige that gets to do the rescuing and we learn more about the telepathy. I’m hoping to have it out by the end of 2013.

I’ll be waiting anxiously!!  Are you working on any other manuscripts right now?

I’m excited to tell you about my current work in progress which is with my editor as I type. It’s called Ninety-Five percent Human and is about a human/alien hybrid sent to Earth from another planet as an experiment to check whether she could survive our atmosphere. Knowing that, if she survives, the ruler of her planet will invade Earth, she tries to drown herself but she is saved by a boy from a farm on the lonely Welsh hillside. It’s not so much sci-fi as relationship driven. I’ve loved writing it.

Best of luck with that.  It sounds great!

So–you and I both know that writing takes up a lot of time and effort.  Do you do anything to give your mind a rest?  What are your interests outside of writing?

Music is a big deal for me. I like most genres as long as they’re loud. I play the piano (loudly) and am married to a drummer. I also love walking in the countryside, knitting and watching movies although I have a terrible memory and can happily watch the same film twice without realising.

Must be nice–I can barely stand to watch the same thing twice.  Three times, forgettaboutit.

On your website, you describe yourself as “a serial collector of random badly paying jobs”.  I love that description!  Care to share some of the best and worst?

OK. What you have to understand is I generally have more than one job at the same time. Sound a little ADHD? You could be right.

  • My best job has got to be musician. I spent several years as professional keyboard/vocalist until my children came along. This was great fun but unpredictably paid.
  • I’ve been a wedding registrar (my fav ceremony was a biker wedding where the bride arrived in a sidecar with long black cloak instead of a veil),
  • telesales person (oh, bad, bad, bad),
  • shop assistant (great for people watching but not much else),
  • school laboratory technician (involved too much tidying up after children and teachers and not enough mixing chemicals),
  • librarian (should have been the perfect job but not enough time to read the books),
  • piano teacher (it’s not the slow pupils, it’s the ones who don’t try I’d most like to slam the lid on their fingers),
  • switchboard operator / receptionist / data-inputter (how do you think all those little forms you fill in for freebies on your breakfast cereal turn up on computer lists?) / invoice clerk / audit clerk / and secretary … (Jeez, kill me now)

… the list goes on … I definitely have employment attention deficit disorder.

I’ve done a lot of those, and I can definitely agree.  If the job has a phone or a cash register involved, I am so not there.

Your website–such fun!!  You sound like someone I would love to hang around with.  Those medieval castle ruins you’re surrounded by—do you ever explore them?  Have you run into anything paranormal?  When I was in England, all I ran into around ancient castles were cows.  And I got a tick on my leg.

Umm, sorry about the tick … and the cows … damned pesky things.

I love exploring castles. The Mid-Wales borders were once the battleground for Owain Glyndwr and the English. Hence they are full of tumbling castles. Within ten miles I have the ruins of Dolforwyn and Montgomery castles as well as the still-lived-in Powys Castle. All castles have an ‘atmosphere’ and their share of ghost stories but the only paranormal experience I’ve had was with a World War 2 Lincoln bomber at RAF Cosford.


While my husband was happily taking photos in Hangar 2, I kept thinking  someone was watching me; someone inside the cockpit. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled. The temperature dropped but it was when I heard something clang inside (a spanner being dropped?) I decided it was time to leave. Afterwards I learned it is haunted by a member of the ground crew who used to work on the plane.

Oh wow–I’d skedaddle too.

And here we’ve come to the end of another wonderful and enlightening meeting with a delightfully funny and very interesting author.  Now, did we miss anything? 

I think we’ve covered everything. It just remains to thank you for hosting me and coming up with such interesting interview questions.

I’m only too glad to have you with us today.  Where can we go to learn more about you and your books?

My website:



Buy on Amazon UK:

Or Amazon US:

ShockWaves Front Cover

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