Review of “Judgement of Souls”, by Margarita Felices

It should have been the crowning point of Rachel’s young life:  the day she entered into the existence of the undead.  Her parents were so proud; after all, as the keepers of the Book that held their fate in its pages, they were especially blessed to have been parents of a mortal child.

First, the Embrace, and then a sleep of a month’s time while she adapted to becoming a vampire, then the happiness of living with all she knew for all time.  But that is not how it works out.

She wakes to find her homeland attacked and her parents banished for the crime of losing the Book.  What is even worse is that Max, the man/vampire she had adored, was the main suspect in the theft.

To avenge the wrong judgment of her parents’ souls, and to get the Book back before the ancient curse can be summoned, she must leave the refuge of their island and go into the mortal world.

For centuries, she chases the thief, but every time she gets close, he gets away.  Then she happens to walk into a nightclub in Cardiff one night, and meets Daniel, a mortal, and love is instant for both of them.  It is as if they were meant to be together.  His friends don’t trust her, but he defends her without really knowing why.

Then Daniel’s best friend is murdered, and Daniel is plunged into the nightmare that is Rachel’s world.

From the alleyways of Cardiff to ancient ruins in Ireland, Rachel hunts for Max, accompanied by Daniel and her best friend Arun.  And this time, she does not intend to lose.


This was a terrific read.  I mean it when I say that, at times, I could not put the book down.  Especially toward the end; the fight scenes kept me turning the pages well past midnight.  The portrayals of the characters were real and believable, and the action swept me along at an exciting speed.

The climax of the story was one of those that is open to interpretation, but I like that, because we all come from different places when it comes to powers beyond our scope.  The conclusion seemed to bring the story to a decided end, but I am hoping that there will be more in this line, because I always like to read more when I can relate to the characters.  I’d really like to visit this world again.

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