Review of "Shockwaves", Suzanna Williams

Lee and Paige have a lot in common.

They’re both teen-agers, they’re both orphans, they live in the same foster home.

They are physically active; Paige takes karate and is a gymnast, Lee practices parkour. For those who don’t know what that is, parkour is a type of physical exercise, using the urban landscape as a sort of obstacle course. A lot like gymnastics, cross-country, and track-and-field rolled into one.

They are also both telepaths, although they would have scoffed at the idea–if events hadn’t proven otherwise.

Lee sees Paige and her parents in a car crash. Except he is in the car, seeing the events unfold through Paige’s eyes. At her parents’ funeral, Paige sees Lee jump from his classroom’s window to the ground, through his eyes.

They are just beginning to realize this incredible connection, and possible strong feelings for each other, when Paige is kidnapped by a near-mad ex-IRA assassin bent on revenge against the cop who got him taken into custody.

What follows is a knife-edge adventure that leads the reader across the rooftops of Shrewsbury, through abandoned factories, and to the Welsh coast. Lee learns that he can only read Paige’s mind when she is in the most dire, read that “shocking”, times in her captivity. Together with Rochester, a police agent and fellow telepath, he follows the clues that are shot into his head unknowingly by Paige, until the final, edge-of-seat chapter that leaves the reader breathless and wanting more.


And I do not exaggerate. From the very first chapter, “Shockwaves” will keep the reader glued to the book page after page. The scene where Lee chases the abductor’s car left me breathless. Lee runs across rooftops and through yards to try and stop Paige’s kidnapper, who has to maneuver through traffic and barriers to get where he is going.

In areas of the book where Lee and Paige have simultaneous visions of each other’s experiences, Ms. Williams has constructed a mental tennis-match that really gets the adrenaline pumping. What a terrifically-crafted story! I am certainly glad that she is going to continue in this vein. There are so many more adventures in store for Lee and Paige as they learn more about each other’s talents–and each other.

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