Review of "Dart and the Squirrels", by Nicole Izmaylov

Dart, a grizzled old German Shepherd, is a great dog. Not because he is a lovable, happy, sweet doggie-poo that wants to jump and play and be with his pack.

It’s because he isn’t any of those things. Well, except the dog part. And the grizzled old German Shepherd part, which is his own self-description.

It would be all okay with him if he was just left in the dog shelter, but this was not to be. Not only is he “burdened” with being adopted, it’s by a family, with kids…

Well, maybe it’ll work out. After all, there is much food to be had. And the attention–not so bad, once you got used to it.

But the collar…

And the endless trips to school for “Show and Tell”…

And the tree that rudely entered the house, with the squirrel that rudely entered his life.

Oh, no. Make that two squirrels. One that thinks he’s a tree-dwelling knight in shining, um, fur.

So, what’s a curmudgeonly old dog to do?


This was such a funny, sweet, and ingeniously original book. We always hear of the Lassie-type dogs–the ones that would run and find help whenever Timmy fell down the well and couldn’t climb out. Dart seems the type that would just roll his eyes and say, “Again? This is, like, the third time this month. So here’s a rope. I’m going to go take a nap.”

A story from the standpoint of a dog that brooks no unwanted company, but is neck-deep in it anyway. From his days as the “Demon Farter” to the New Year’s Eve that changes lives, every page is funny, sometimes heartwarming, and always worth every word.

Nice job, Ms. Izmaylov!


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